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 “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures”

One question that puzzles, why wines taste different other than Grapes. Most fruits and berries have potential to make a good wine. Fruit wines are generally any wine which is fermented from a fruit which is sweet to taste other than a grape.

The Blackberry and blueberry fruit wines are known to be full antioxidants which are healthier and better than red wines. Making homemade wine from fruit is simple, enjoyable, and worth every last sip.

A colourful and tasty addition to any wine rack, fruit wines also make fantastic culinary ingredients for sauces, marinades, salad dressings, and even some desserts. We all know that Innovative and top quality fruit wines, fruit fusion and fruit-centric alcoholic beverages are emerging to worldwide applause and exponential growth in popularity.

Wine drinkers the world over are waking up to a fruit basket of new flavours and the industry is racing to keep up with the trend. The possibilities for wine beyond the vine are endless.

Here is the list of best types of fruit flavoured wines.

  • Strawberry Wine

This is the type of fruit wine that one will want to drink as soon as summer arrives. It is served fresh. Strawberry wine is very sweet and usually has a large amount of sugar added. Strawberry is a heart best friend. A fun and easy-drinking wine, it is good for health, since it gives vitamin C to the body. It is best served at chilled temperature.

  • Apple Wine

Apple wine is the sweet wine, which produces ice wine, dry wine and sparkling wines. The wide variety of apples around the world allows the makers to mix together different apple species in a wine to create complex flavours. Apple wine also improves blood flow to the brain. Another advantage of apple wine is that its alcohol content is mere 5%.

  • Plum Wine

Said to be one of the most delicious liquors in the world, Plum Wine is a sweet and smooth alcoholic drink made from fermented green plums. It is well known and loved for its relaxing effect in the body. It is normally served chilled. It is very popular worldwide.

  • Cranberry Wine

The fruit’s wine has a light pink, salmon and copper rose colour that shimmers in the light. Fresh and distinct, Cranberry Wine is semi-sweet with an easy-to-enjoy taste. This wine is made from whole cranberries only. The wine is a light coloured and a smooth drink. It can be prepared easily at home. Cranberries wine also have health benefits like to avoid urinary infection in the body.

Today fruit wines can offer the same tastes, aroma and colours that grape based vines can produced. Fruit wines helps to fight against the diseases like inflammation and diabetes. Fruit wines are fun, so enjoy their playfulness; they can be treated differently and freely than standard grape wine.

“Wine makes every meal an occasion.”


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