I can do anything

I can do anything

I scream,
I dream,
I speak,
But I am not meek.

I’ll stand up for my right,
And go for walks at night.
I’ll dress to my choice,
May also raise my voice.
None can stop me from learning,
And live on my own by earning

Of course, I can be jealous,
But, of all I am not frivolous.
I shall go leaps and bounds
Though I may weigh some extra pounds
I can be white or dark, or even brown
Well, my skin color is nothing for me to frown.
My hair might not be long,
Because I don’t think it’s any wrong.

Please don’t tag me fragile,
You don’t know how much I can be agile
Just take a look around,
I can be found in the cricket ground.

Who said a girl just cooks?
Or, be graceful when it comes to looks?
I can do many more,
Apart from the daily chore.
I can lead a nation,
Then create a revolution
I can go to space
Also win a race
I can win medals in Olympics
And hit a six.

Yes, I was not born a boy,
Still, I am my Daddy’s Pride and Mummy’s Joy!


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