Humans: Bleeding Creed as Lifecycle

Bleeding Creed

Until midnight, the fairer sex had taken over the internet. There were videos all over. Slogans. Pictures. Listicles. No mode was left untouched. Experiences shared, knowledge spread and the masses typecasted includes breeding Creed.

The Bleeding Cycle

It was the World Menstruation Hygiene Day. Or maybe just another day decided by well known, that women should be given due recognition, for bleeding. Bleeding through their vaginas every seven days a month. Bleeding through eyes, every time their wants went unheard.Bleeding through their thighs, every time their husbands came home, drunk. Moreover, bleeding through their hearts, every time their children left home, undone.

Humans as Creed

So apparently, we are a creed who bleeds. Who bleeds every time a wrong is done. Who bleeds every time promises are left undone.Yet it is we who are told to take a step back when the stakes are high. For the privilege of the man will protect mine.  Yet it is me who is silenced when I suggest a cure, in spite of you knowing that I bleed gallons in a year.

“It’s natural!”, they say. Natural to bleed then why not natural to lead? Natural to shed blood then why not natural to shed tears? Innumerable paradoxes. I say.

Featured Image Source: Bleeding hands


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