Humanity came to an end. Love Jihad – Need to think beyond it.

  • Anzar Hashmi

In Rajasthan, a provocative incident took place on the name of love jihad it needs to be criticised by the people of the nation. Was it a good step to murder anyone on the name of religion? How could he do this to a poor man, who came here to survive? He was living here  since long time. How can somenone murder a guy on the name of love jihad? And what about his wife who lost husband and her children who were screaming for justice? When will they get justice? People started protesting in Rajasthan for the justice. 

If someone commits crime, we need to lodge an FIR, against him or her, whoever the victim is. How can you commit such kind of dangerous crime? 

Humanity has came to an end. Few people said that he might be lunatic. Why are we dragging religion? Are we living in a secular country? There is law and order made for the justice of people. We also got 6 fundamental rights and right to equality is one of them that proves fraternity of the nation. Some people told that the murderer was lunatic, as we can not expect these kind of crime by a normal person and victim posted a video on facebook after commiting crime. 

I have already heard about so many incident taking place on the name of love jihad in such a short time. But we can not figure it out why does it happen? Where is the humanity? Where is the law and order? A man came to rajasthan for the survival and wanted to earn sufficient amount of money to feed the family and he was brutally murderer. He was the only earning person in the family and he was brutally murdered. Man who has done love jihad is the biggest crime. 

There is need to raise voice against  such kind of issue but dont see it from the propestive of religion, law and order existing in the country. So hopefully family will get justice so that people who thinks that it is easy to commit a crime, may think twice before committing any crime.


  1. one also should not forgot the way love jihad is destroying the indian community…,the way they are trapping non-islamic females is the that everyone knows….but know one raises there voice against it…anyway good article …hope the family gets some support financially or in any other way…,


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