How To Be A Rationalist


If you want to base everything on cold hard facts then learn how to be a cold heart human being, if you want everything you say to be logical and practical then be ready to get denounced for your decisions, for your arguments, for your opinions.

Rationalist, with a rational thought, trying to make this wonderful world look black and white. It is the truth of the universe that something’s cannot be explained by logic alone. You can’t explain feelings, reactions, emotions but you can in a way to explain the logic behind things.

A society where being emotional and philosophical is actually considered being stupid it’s no wonder that people try to become a rationalist. In my opinion, rationalism is nothing but a defence mechanism against letting your self-believe in something bigger than yourself, against accepting.

According to me if you want to become a rationalist then you need to be fair and non-judgmental, you have to become heartless and unimaginative, someone who doesn’t believe in the possibility of something that has not been written somewhere, or something that has not been explained.

If you want to become a rationalist then prepare to stand alone in arguments and turn away from human discussions cause believe me you’ll hear some “illogical” things that you won’t support.

Being a rationalist may make you look smart but it will make you weak within. It may get you through some problems but the things that actually matter will be out of your grasp.

So if you ask me how to become a rationalist today, then I’ll reply with only one sentence, don’t become one.


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