How Supreme Court Quashed the Petition to Stop Rohingya’s Deportation


There were some seven illegal Rohingya immigrants detained by the Assam Police in 2012 who had fled to India after the ethnic cleansing operation started up in Myanmar. The seven men were held at the detention centre in Assam till the final verdict by the top court.

Now that the news is about the Rohingyas who have become a very common issue to be discussed in the past few years and that everybody knows about who they are. But, I would still want to give a short introduction as to who they are. Rohingya’s are actually the citizens from the central Rakhine, Myanmar. They fled from their original land to various other places to escape and find shelter after the violence against the ethnic minority, Rohingya broke out in the country.

Here on Thursday, October 04, 2018, the Supreme Court rejected the petition filed by senior activist and advocate Prashant Bhushan. The petition by the senior lawyer argued about the governments move to be against the UN charter. To which the 46th Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, who had taken up the charge of the office on October 3, this year replied, “First of all, they (seven Rohingya men) have been recognised as Myanmar citizens.”

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The seven immigrants will be handed over to the Myanmar government at the Moreh border today, on October 5, 2018, after the Supreme Court refused to reconsider its final verdict if deporting the immigrants. “We are not inclined to interfere on the decision taken,” said the SC giving a nod of agreement to the statement made by the central government about the Rohingyas being illegal and that Myanmar has accepted them as its citizens.

Forwarding Myanmar’s message to the Court, the top lawyer, Tushar Mehta told that the embassy of Myanmar is ready to give certificates of identity to the Rohingyas. From the persecution team, Prashant Bhushan said that it is wrong, they haven’t been recognised and that providing them shelter and security is the responsibility of the court. CJI Ranjan Gogoi shot back saying, “We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the right to life and no one needs to remind us about our responsibilities.” dismissing the petition by Prashant Bhushan.

The Centre’s this move base brought several criticisms from the UN saying that this forcible deportation will violate international laws. However, the spokesperson of the  Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar, in the ministries statement assured that the immigrants are being sent on their willingness and concurrence of Myanmar government.

He said, “Upon confirming their willingness to be repatriated, and with the full concurrence of the Government of Myanamar…the government of Assam has arranged for the repatriation of these seven individuals to Myanmar. Last year the government said to court about the Rohingyas being a threat to the National security and may have links to the terrorist groups which could result in big lose of lives and resources.

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan used social media, Twitter to express his disappointment with the SC’s decision. In his tweet, he said, “It’s unfortunate that SC has allowed the Govt to deport 7 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar despite all UN & International human rights organisation saying that Myanmar has committed genocide against Rohingyas and that their being sent back would make them liable to torture and murder.”


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