How Should Women Manage Their Anger And Stress Levels


The society expects women to be calm and composed all the time. But they, like any other men, can lose their anger. It is not a problem to express your emotions, including anger. But extreme anger could affect personal health as well as relationships. Since women’s health is even delicate than men, they must take measures to cope up with their anger and stress levels. Increased stress in your hectic life gives ways to mental health problems and other diseases. Women’s wellness depends upon both – their mental and physical state.

Steps to control Extreme Anger

  • First of all, identify the reasons behind your anger. There might be certain things or events that trigger your anger. When you identify them, you will be able to realise the situations where you get angry.
  • Whenever you start getting angry, try to take deep breaths. Yes, counting till ten is a good way to restrain your anger. This is because repeating a certain phrase or numbers help in subsiding the anger by diverting your those thoughts.
  • Try to see the funny part. Look at everything through a positive outlook. When you find humour even in the most tensed situation you conquer over anger.
  • You should share your feelings with others. Having good communication skills will help you deal with hostile emotions.
  • When you get extremely angry at someone, try to see yourself in their place.

Steps To Control Stress

Women try to carry a heavier burden of stress than required. Stress affects women’s health in many ways. Therefore, we must properly deal with stress. Here are few tips for stress management:

  • Don’t try to get everything done. Since most of the women are working moms, they find themselves amidst multiple chores. Try to avoid burdensome work and do whatever is within your limit.
  • Get good exercise. It includes physical exercise like yoga as well as mental exercise like breathing and meditating. This would help in producing stress-relieving hormones and make you feel calm and happier. Also, it would make you physically fit.
  • Indulge yourself in your passion. When you do something you love, there are fewer chances that you will be depressed. It would also help in veering your negative thoughts.
  • Healthy food and a healthy sleep can drive away your stress. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits would keep you far from diseases as well as stress issues.


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