Almost every second person today that we come across is addicted to social media and majority of the population is available on social media throughout the day. There is hardly any person seen who do have access to social media or is a hand away from them.

If the stats are to be believed, this addiction has been and will be constantly increasing in the coming years. We have always seen people discussing the pros and cons of the social media on the youngsters to create awareness amidst the society. We have also witnessed the debates and discussions on the increasing social media addictions but, there are hardly any initiatives taken to bring about the awareness and knowledge of the behavioral effects of social media on the people and society.

Almost everything that we come across, see or feel has the capacity to bring about a few changes in our behavior. In fact, not just our behaviors social media also affects our lifestyle, and viewpoints and thinking strategy too. Today, my this piece of work is solely towards throwing light on the behavioral effects of social media on people. The aim is not only to focus on the pessimistic effects but, also to mention the optimistic effects too.

The most significant behavioral change that is observed in someone is their habit of being engrossed around their mobile phones and e-gadgets. The same person who was once a familyphillic after coming into contact will start avoiding their near and dear ones. He will rather prefer sitting in a corner chatting or using social media platform.

There are various other emotions are witnessed being expressed by the social media addict personality and these emotions are all influenced by the social media. Some of these may be desirable while some may not be so. The undesirable traits would include the expression of anger, sadness or loneliness, and low self-esteem while the desirable ones may count, values, happiness, and love, etc. These influenced emotions do affect the human psychology a great deal.

Sometimes, we feel happy after we see something worth applause being shared while sometimes, we feel devastated after having a glance at something ill to the society. We sometimes also burst out our anger and sadness influenced by some virtual friend after a conversation on a social media on someone from our real life.

After an addicted period on the social media platform, at times, our way of mingling or greeting with others’ change too. There are also a great number of people who grab in the positive changes within themselves from the social media which includes their changed opinions, their way of seeing things.

Many times, the social platform has also been successful in changing the stereotypical notions of the society to bring about a better change. Thus, a short conclusion that comes out after a thorough study of the behavioral changes in the people due to social media is, ‘sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, like every other thing in the society, social media is also a two-sided coin that is capable of affect people’s behavior in the society.


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