How can you improve your life in 2019?


Written by : Arkabrata Bala 

As 2018 wraps up and if you are still contemplating as to why your life hasn’t gone well as expected and lurking within the vortex of your deranged life, this text will cause you undergo as to how you can resuscitate your daily life and make everyday as fruitful as ever. Studies reveal that while most of us seek resolutions, fewer than 10 percent of us fails to stick to ourselves and forgo changes to our attributes. Taking baby steps everyday and making sure you don’t let any day pass through without accomplishing them will help you multiply you success towards your future goal. There is a proverb ‘Small investments turn out giant dividends’. So instead of waiting for life to cope up by itself and for success to recline on your fate check that you don’t miss out the following amendments to make life blissful and more importantly satiate your mind.

There is hell more spare time than you can realize. Whereas it’s true nobody can stretch day or night by any minscule extent but the amount of quality time you spend for your own good or need varies from person to person. Surfing TV channels and scrolling through social media definitely takes your time away which could have been used to read 200 books anually.

Optimize for your better future. If you dream for a better future start building it up from today itself rather than pondering in your own thoughts. APJ Abdul Kalam said that dreams should not come in your sleep but it should never let you sleep. According to Peter Bregman, CEO and leadership expert in Harvard Business Review, “You need to spend time on the future even when there are more important things to do in the present and even when there is no immediate apparent return to your efforts.”

In other words, if you want a big change in your life for a better future it’s not going to happen with a day’s task. You have to put your perseverance and patience to test and approach with your mind fixedly towards it with bite size improvements. Here is an example for better comprehension. Start putting a small fixed amount of deposit into your savings account every month from your paycheque. Don’t retrace to take your money back. It may come to a huge monetary rescue someday.

A pinch of savings each day will frame for an enormous distinction at the brink of modification. Expensing on atiny low piece of cigarette each day can make up for a reasonably hefty amount at the end of the year. A small item of satisfaction can satisfy you temporarily but the added amount you make up through sacrificing such petty insidious bits will take your life to a different level altogether.

To guide yourself as the stepping stones try the 50-30-20 rule. The breakdown is simple and logical. Invest 50 percent of your income on your daily living expenses like rent. 30 percent of the earnings you should have as your pocket money. And the remaining should go to the piggy bank for a better tomorrow.

Make happiness an integral part of your life. Every person finds happiness in his or her own way of living. There is in fact no limit to the extent of happiness you can crave for. So you have to mark your own threshold to happiness and try to incorporate it in your daily schedule. Make a list of the specifics that make you happy and mark out the recurring themes and blend these in your everyday routine.

Be prudent in your way of spending. Even if we feel to save our money but whilst our spending, sometimes we may forget or spend more than what we have planned earlier. However, there is a nicer way to tackle this issue. If you automate your savings that money will pronto get deposited in your savings account and you can spend the rest of your earnings judiciously. This will also help you check your malicious habits (for your health and your family) and ensure discipline and self quick-assertiveness in your way of living.

Ask for help. Most people find it coy to share any personal or financial issues with experts or persons they can trust upon. Every successful people must have got some help at one point of time or the other which made them grab opportunities and made them what they became. Same goes for you as well. Never refrain from asking for help when you see it may benefit you in the long run.

Start early. This theory applies to virtually every facet of life. Life is but a race without a trigger to tug on. Self made billionaires and startup founders are enjoying today the hay of the day just as they had dreamt of earlier only by applying the right decisions at the right juncture of their lives. They realize the enormous value of compound interest, the way a small amount of investment can.

If CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies are under 40, at least a tinge of potential is in you as well. Even if you can adopt the attitude, that is a stepping stone for your start. Never falter from the leap you have taken in your career. Don’t feel relinquished thinking that you are unexperienced. If you anticipate your opportunity it may never come.

Goals can set your path, not wishes. Wishing about what you want is nothing but a reverie in the sense of fulfilling such wishes. Establishing goals will help you choose your path and take more plausible decisions that will set your path on a different track. Disintegrate your big picture into mangeable parts and accomplish them accordingly.

Say no to your non-essential priorities. If you stay firm in your goal, say goodbye to the jovial activities you indulge yourself in. Immerse yourself completely in what you aspire to be. Reading this might appear to be bleak in the sense but the success you will achieve at the end of the day will make you forget all the toil and hard work you have put into it and will seem to you a small price to pay for such a humongous achievement.

Don’t be obstinate about what you want. There is a stark difference between what you want and what you crave for. Rediscovering yourself is a challenge in itself. Nobody is good in every sphere of excellence. You should be smart enough to make the right choice and if it doesn’t work out well for you leave it and switch on to something else you feel you are more skilled at. Don’t blame yourself for this. It means you are smart enough to point out your own flaws and how to work on your strengths.

Unwind when your brain is saturated. If you are too stressed or overworked feel free to take a break or so. It helps you increase your potency and productivity. But don’t extend this to what has been mentioned earlier that may backfire you. Harvard research indicates that “Our brains need a rest as much as as our bodies do.”

Never let yourself fall into the evil trap. It’s as simple as you had learnt in your childhood. Your parents asked you to socialise with friends having amiable personality and showing a true and positive friendship towards you. A Harvard Medical School study done by Dr. Nicholas Christakis suggests they were true. People surrounding you, having diabolically cunning attitude and vicious mentality can only take you to the brink of disaster while friends showering true graciousness will foster you to the paths of glory.

“Do one thing everyday that scares you”– Eleanor Rosevelt. Life is not only about being poised in your comfort zone and enjoying the same fruit that slowly turns to be bitter (metaphorically) but also about experimenting yourself. You will be surprised at your own results. Trying often to break your non-comfort zone helps you overcome fear and hope for success. This might not happen nightlong but will happen eventually just as your nails grow larger day by day.

I hope you will advocate in whole or in part of what I have said. So from today onwards try to assure yourself to incorporate such small changes in your entire upcoming year. Be diligent enough in your daily practice of livelihood and don’t create any chance to bypass your path to success that may make you ruefully regret afterwards.             

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