How Brahmos Engineer cheated on US


The BrahMos – its name a combo of the rivers Brahmaputra and Moscow – can fire on targets as much as 300 km away. The BrahMos missile has recently been in news for being tested in May and July 2018 for indigenously developed major sub-systems, including fuel management system, non-metallic airframe components, and a highly critical component, the seeker.

Brahmos Engineer Nishant Agrawal was under surveillance by Military Intelligence, UP-ATS, and Maharashtra Police. “We have found a certain secret and ultra-sensitive information on his personal computer. It should not be there on his personal laptop. It violates the provisions of the OSA, and hence he has been arrested,” a statement issued earlier said.

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The police are investigating whether he was “honey-trapped” by Facebook IDs in the name of women, which have been traced to Pakistan. “Very sensitive information was found on his personal computer. We found evidence of him chatting on Facebook with Pakistan-based IDs,” said Aseem Arun, the chief of the anti-terror squad of Uttar Pradesh. He will be charged under the Official Secrets Act, sources say. His home and office computers have been seized.

This is the first spy scandal to hit the Brahmos Aerospace, which is involved in making critical components for the BrahMos missile, considered the world’s fastest cruise missile and one that can be launched from land, ships, aircraft or submarines.




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