Historic Win for India in Table Tennis at The Commonwealth games


The performance of the Indian contingent at this year’s Commonwealth games is certainly a source of pride and joy for all Indians. There seems to be no end to our dream run at this year’s Commonwealth Games being held in Australia, with the medal tally standing at 19. Even though good performance was expected in our traditional strong suits, such as shooting and badminton, the performance of our athletes in other sports has also been equally stellar, despite not enjoying the same popularity or attention.

Indian table tennis player Manika Batra clinched the gold medal at the Commonwealth games against Yihan Zhou of Singapore. In this rather unexpected win for the country, Mankia Batra defeated the player from Singapore. She managed to defeat Yihan Zhou, whose country has four gold medals in table tennis at the Commonwealth Games 3-1 to finally win the gold medal. She also defeated the

This shows the persistence of our players, who despite having to deal with multiple bureaucratic issues and severe lack of facilities, especially when compared to developed nations like Singapore, win laurels and accolades for their country.

This shows us that Indian players also have the same potential and talent as the players and athletes of other, more developed nations. What sets them apart is the fact that they receive proper guidance, encouragement, and access to top-class facilities at a higher rate and from a much younger age.

Hopefully, our stellar performance at the Commonwealth games continues and proves to be an inspiration to the young generation of athletes. Let’s also hope that parents start looking at sports as a pursuit as serious academics because, in every classroom, there is perhaps at least one stellar athlete, whose grades in maths or chemistry perhaps do not really matter in the long run. One can only pray that these Commonwealth Games will set a precedent.

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