Hindi Medium’s trailer – Lesson for all

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Unconventional looks, no godfather in Bollywood and no story of the exponential rise in the industry.  It’s Irrfan Khan, the actor, the person and the global Indian. Irrfan’s films have always been thought-provoking in nature which also promises to leave a perfect impact on our minds.

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The trailer of Irrfan Khan’s latest movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ is pretty much on point. It showcases the struggles “Hindi medium” people face in today’s society where English is a yardstick for a person’s intelligence and coolness. It tells how we have created a great divide between those who can’t speak English and those who can, shows how we have stereotyped those who can’t speak the language as uneducated.

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The movie, which also stars Saba Qamar, pivots around the life of a middle-class family that crosses all limits to ensure the admission of their daughter in an English medium school. Saba Qamar told a local newspaper, “It’s a family-oriented story of a husband and wife. It has a young, fresh vibe and the wife is a little dominating. People will surely like it. The film is a little like that Deepika film, Piku.” This film will focus on the education system of our country and the issues revolving around it.

The movie mirrors the perception of the society as a whole. And how English is not a language, but a class.  If someone gets past your looks, they would probably judge you for not being fluent in English. A country whose national language is Hindi but speaking a foreign tongue like English gives you class. And a sense of inclusiveness, standard, and license to socialize in the society with confidence.

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While the movie has a foil of laughter and fun over it, the topic is very relatable. In the trailer, both the leads seemed to have put their best foot forward and mesmerize the audience with their acting. Saket Chaudhry of Shaadi Ke Side Effects and Pyaar Ke Side Effects fame directed this film. The movie will be released on May 12.

Take a look at of the trailer here:


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