Hilarious Political Memes After Election Results


BJP have been in the center for a long duration now. BJP came to power after winning the elections with a major and from that time it seemed as if they are invincible. But the election results disclosed today proved otherwise. Providing that too much power can corrupt anyone, BJP have seen a downfall this time. The election predictions and exit polls already predicted this. And going by the looks of it, the predictions are coming true.

Today the results of 5 states were declared and BJP failed to show the glamour and power it did during the previous election. And if we go by the words of the experts, the results of the rest of the states may be the same too. But for that we need to wait till tomorrow.

I personally think that the irrelevant and rather political dictatorship-like ruling of the BJP lead it to its downfall. Several other factors like demonetisation, GST, too much stress on Hindutva, irrational haul of changing the names of places etc contributed majorly towards it.

Following this crashing downfall of BJP and the rather rise to power of the Congress many Memes are already circulating on social media platforms. There hilarious Memes aptly show the political dilemma. Below are some of these laughter provoking memes. Hope they prompt you to laughter too.



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