The Indian Intelligence Agencies on Friday, have issued a terror alert in all the metro cities, especially Delhi and Mumbai,  about a possible terror attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Also, an alert has been issued for a similar possible strike in the border areas of Punjab and Rajasthan.

According to the information provided by the Intelligence Agency, nearly 20-21 LeT operatives, trained by the ISI, have possibly entered India from Pakistan, and have further divided themselves into smaller groups.

An advisory has been issued by the police to ensure a strong vigil and tight monitoring on suspected persons or articles and vehicles. Also, the advisory has issued anti-terror measures at metro, railway stations, popular hotels, crowded markets, stadium and religious places.

The alert mentions that these operatives are planning to carry out a ‘spectacular terrorist incident’ in order to grab media attention. They may carry out a medium intensity blasts at crowded areas by suicide bombers. This alert comes after the terror attacks that took place in Manchester, UK and other several parts across the world. Officials have asked to carry out mock drills in order to be prepared for a sudden emergency.

According to a report, a top US intelligence office, earlier in May, had warned that Pakistan-based terrorist groups were planning attacks in India. PCR vans along with trained drivers and commandos have been deployed at several vulnerable areas.

Be Safe, be alert and be updated!

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