A Girl Getting Over Heartbreak


Getting over a heart-throbing experience is very much like a bone stuck inside your oesophagus, neither can you spit it nor can you gulp it. It just stays their to prick under your skin and heart the painful needle of the heart break that one suffers from. When an issue can be a reason of a heart break, SHOCK, yes! This is the first feeling, followed by disbelief that this isn’t happening in real. She doubts if she had been dreaming all day long that the things ended up this way, but she slowly happens to realize that she isn’t at all dreaming.

The first thing that hits our mind, when we hear the term heartbreak is, a couple break up and the credit goes to our very stereotypical thoughts. But, the reality isn’t always so. Sometimes, a heartbreak could also a be result of an unexpected failure, a family argument, a demotion or simply anything that we do not wish to happen in our lives. Almost any of us can suffer a heartbreak, what matters the most is, how we conquer the same and how we cope up or overcome those heartbreaks.
Today, I have come to write about how a girl overcomes a heartbreak.

Their are a few changes that you would notice in her behaviour after she has been a victim to heartbreak. Those pretty, beautiful eyes which were once a symbol of peaceful and calm river remains no more the same. Her voice seems to struggle to come out of her throat, her blooming smile seems to gradually turn into an expression unknown. Lets catch up with some ways about how a strong girl overcomes a heartbreak.

Somewhere within herself she knows that she deserves better and this mere grief is not big enough to gulp her in.

She believes that she has guts to get up and through away the grief stuck to her body and soul.

There can lie no happiness in forcing someone to stay with her. True happiness is all about letting it go and stay lively because what is alloted can never be aborted.
She understands that their lies practically no reason in feeling sorry about the heartbreak. She should rather accept that she has grown up several folds just after the mere incident.

She knowns that a bad day is just a day not the bad life. Live the things behind and start a new day.

She knows that she can lie and sympathize the world not herself. So, she accepts the things just as they come and knows how to cope up and live a new day with a new self.


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