Hearing of Sabrimala Temple Petition Accepted by Supreme Court


The Sabrimala temple of Kerala has been on the news since the day Supreme Court passed a judgment allowing women of the menstruating age group entry into its premises. The things that followed this judgment have kept people intrigued throughout this whole time. I don’t think there have been even a single day when Sabrimala haven’t been in news for new alterations taking place.

There have been massive protests carried out by the followers of this temple accros the state to stop women’s entry. This was followed by prohibiting the women devotees from entering Sabrimala by hook or by crook. Because of the large number of mass protesters surrounding the temple many devotees couldn’t even go near the temple premises.

The protesters wanted to file petitions against the SC verdict so that it may be reviewed. At first both the state and Central government were against it. But this only proved to be oil added to the already blazing fire. Protesters wented their demand to be fulfilled. Seeing that there was no way out of this problem, the petitions were accepted for a review of the decision.

All total 19 petitions were filed against the SC decision. The Supreme Court have also accepted to review its decision on the basis of these petitions. The hearing will take place on November 13. Now we will have to wait till the mentioned date to know how things turn out to be.

Will the Supreme Court be forced to change its decision? Will the original decision be upheld? If the decision sticks will people accept it peacefully this time? Or will the same story repeat itself yet again? Only time will be able to give us the answers to these questions. Let’s hope that the answer and scenario remains positive this time. Till than all we need to do is to wait and watch..


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