Health is Wealth

The greatest wealth is health

– By Shivangi Jain

Death, can we define this term in some words? Well according to me the answer to this question is no, as there are numerous emotions which are attached to this particular word. In literary terms, the meaning of this word is depicted as “The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of life of a person or organism. In legal terms death is defined as an individual is dead if the individual has sustained either; irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions; or irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain; including the brain stem. The death rate of India currently is 7.3 deaths/ 1000 population (2016 EST.). It is rightly written in the holy books of our country that no one can control a person’s birth and death date and even the date of death of a person is decided before his birth on the earth by the Almighty. In the present moment, the rate of death is increasing at an alarming rate and the major reason behind this is heart attacks. Though it is the fact that no one can have control on the death of a person but everyone in this world has right to keep himself healthy so that he would not have to face health issues which can become a major cause of death for him.

One of the major questions which arise in the minds of each and every pupil in our society is “Why the heart attacks are becoming the main reason for the increase in a number of deaths these days?” The answer to this question is the main reason behind writing this article. Heart, one of the most important organs of our body which pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins which we generally call the cardiovascular system. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removes the carbon dioxide and other wastes. If it stops working then our organs would not get blood, oxygen and nutrients and due to which a person would not be able to survive anymore. It is very important to keep our heart healthy to have a wonderful and energetic life. But, nowadays attacks are the most common health issue faced by maximum population in our society. The reason behind this is high blood pressure which damages the arteries and causes heart attack and the main cause behind the increase blood pressure is either obesity or high cholesterol or diabetes. Lack of exercise in our daily routine and inappropriate eating habits along with an imbalance in the ecosystem leads to the diseases like high blood pressure, obesity etc. which finally results in the cause of heart attacks in the society.

Maximum homo sapiens in our nation are well educated and are fitness freak as well but because of their hectic routines they hardly pay attention towards their respective diets which results as the major drawback for them as they grew old. A human being is not allowed to control his death date but at the same time, he is blessed with one of the most important factors that are his body. It is the duty of every person to maintain himself so that he could prevent himself from the major health sufferings. Now the question arises, how? The simpler ways to maintain our body are as follow: firstly, every pupil should drink plenty of water in a day as water has lots of properties to save us from the number of diseases. Secondly, taking adequate diet, it is one of the most important factors to be followed for every person to prevent himself from major heart issues. Thirdly, walking: it was found by the health department that a 10 km walk daily helps our heart to circulate blood in an appropriate way and even it helps us in maintaining the oxygen level in our body and lastly 8 hours of sleep every day. A day when all of us will accept these things in our life and will work upon them seriously from that day the heart attacks rate would definitely decrease. At last, I would like to sum up by a healthy and wealthy quotation that “heart and life were always interconnected, the balance in two would lead us to the lifelike heaven even on earth”.

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