Health – A Broken Resolution


Stepping into the New Year, like every year, I was thinking about all my unkept resolutions through the years, and wondering what would be the one that I broke this time. Exercise I knew for one was definitely going to be on the list. This realization brought upon me a certain guilt, as to how easily I had already regarded my health as a broken promise and how I had assured myself there was certainly nothing that could be done to change the scenario.

It’s often a very commonly circulated joke how gyms would forever be the place for broken resolutions and it’s astonishing how lightly we’ve made it out to be.

Our bodies are the only companions we’ll have for our entire lives and yet we hold no claims for it. Self care is not just about mental health but physical included. Our physical fitness has a significant impact on our mental well being but this fact remains lost in translation. With the hectic pace of life physical fitness seems to have become an easy compromise. We justify it by making generic excuses such as lack of time, packed schedules, missed appointments etc. but the fact remains that these would all amount to mere excuses. Our priorities speak a lot about our generation as a whole and somehow we’ve ended up advertising to put ourselves first in words  on every platform, hoewever, when it comes to making those words a reality the lack of effort makes up for a deafening silence. We pride ourselves in being lazy as if our incapability to run a 500 metre race at the age of 21 is something one should be awarded for. Now this in no way is to run along the trend of ‘bikini bod’ or all of those unrealistic body images, but to take an active initiative to making ourselves pro-life. I am not saying that I’ll become a gym freak or I’m never going to be eating a pizza again, but just take a step towards becoming more active in general. I do not set unrealistic expectations of myself but rather become persistent in making it those smaller stops, maybe it couls be that I’d try and act less upon my sweet tooth cravings, or I’d take the stairs instead of the elevator next time, but I’ll try. The key is persistence.

This year let’s stop taking our health as a joke because by the time the actual realization dawns upon us, it would be a little too late to count all of the things we took for granted. Our bodies are blessings we have been making light of which should not be the case. This year life is not just going to pass me by, but rather I am going to be in charge of my lifestyle. My health is my priority and if not necessarily a gym, but an active lifestyle is not going to be a broken resolution.

Try and you’ll find out what you’re capable of.

Prioritise yourself.



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