Headmaster gets jail for 5 years in charge of corruption: A step towards change


A headmaster in Odisha’s Kandhamal locale was condemned to five years’ detainment by Phulbani special vigilance court on Wednesday for misusing open cash implied for development of a school building.

The vigilance court likewise slapped a fine of ₹5.5 lakh on Naresh Digal, the headmaster. If he fails to repay the sum he would need to serve one more year in jail.

The convict had misused open cash in 2009-10 while he was posted as headmaster of Project Upper Primary School at Jagadi in Tumudibandh square of Kandhamal area.

As indicated by the prosecution lawyer Suresh Kumar Mohapatra, amid 2009-10, the administration had endorsed ₹9,96,400 for development of new classrooms in the school. The development work had been taken up under the supervision of the headmaster. Notwithstanding, after some days the development work was ceased with the request that the authorized cash had been spent.

The villagers griped that the whole cash was not spent on the development of the school building. The Berhampur vigilance division started an inestigation concerning the claims. A specialized enquiry demonstrated that of the aggregate government allow, ₹4,09,192 had been spent on development of the half-got done with building, while the rest of the ₹4,87,208 had been misused, said Mr. Mohapatra. In view of this report, an argument was documented against Digal by the vigilance division in 2014.

Mr. Mohapatra said Digal’s conviction will most likely prompt more straight-forwardness and less corruption in development works at country schools in the region.

In July 2015, another headmaster, Sarat Chandra Rana, was condemned to one-year detainment by Phulbani special vigilance court for misappropriation of ₹1,61,985 implied for development of new classrooms.

Such incidences purely shows the corrupt environment around us but it also proves that still there is vigilance among people. It defines that no government authority has right to swallow the money of a common man because every tax payed person is ready to fight back for his money.



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