Have a comfortable monsoon with these stylish shoes


Staying stylish during the rainy season can be a challenge. You can always protect yourself and your clothes with an umbrella or raincoat, but what about your feet? It is almost next to impossible to wear fancy heels during the season. So, along with applying the right makeup for monsoon, you also need to make sure that you wear the proper shoes. Why should you compromise on style right?

To avoid any kind of difficulties, many office-goers carry their formal shoes in bags and go to the office in slippers, for the ease in commuting. Walking through a rain-soaked street in casual shoes will guarantee the splash of dirt on your legs. Hence, it is always advised to keep a pair of slippers reserved for casual outings which may include jumping into a puddle, or dancing and enjoying in the rain.

What will you wear during the monsoons then?

Is this question always troubling you? Is this not allowing you to wear your favourite shoes during monsoon? Worry not, since you have a variety of options to choose from waterproof, stylish slippers and shoes. And yes, they are very comfortable.

Slippers – They are usually made of rubber and plastic material. The previously mentioned materials are preferred over leather as they are water-resistant. There are two types available in slippers



Open Heel Slippers
Open heel slippers have no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. These slippers are available in a variety of colours and pattern.

Closed Slippers
These slippers guard your feet at all times. They do not let your feet slide through while you walk. During monsoon, these slippers help you maintain a good grip that prevents you from slipping or falling.



Ballerinas are indeed a saviour for women’s feet. Available in a variety of colours, prints, and materials, you can wear them anywhere and during any season. Whether strolling in the park or going for an important meeting, ballerinas look good and are pretty comfortable. Apart from this, the most significant advantage is that some ballerinas are waterproof and flexible. This can be of great help during the monsoon. You won’t have to compromise on style anymore.

Gum Boots

Gumboots are evergreen, and we all love them. They have a firm rubber sole, and this allows you to beat the rain without getting your clothes splashed with muddy and dirty water. Like other shoes, gumboots are also available in a variety of patterns and colours.



Gladiator sandals are the most recent arrival in the category of monsoon shoes for women. Not only stylish, but these sandals are also comfortable and give you a trendy look while you walk through that rainy street.

So, what have you decided? Which of these shoes mentioned above are you planning to buy for this monsoon? Any of these shoes are sure to make your monsoon fashionable and stylish.


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