Why hasn’t the Indian government Paying attention to the Canadian PM’s visit?


In the age of social media, it is impossible to hide the fact if the relationship between two countries is strained, especially with the advent of Twitter. It has become a norm for politicians to greet their counterparts, if they visit their country on Twitter. This has not been done so far by the Modi government.

The reasons for this include the Trudeau’s alleged backing of the separatist movement in Punjab. The movement for a separate “Khalistan” for from Punjab has been extremely controversial and has been going on for a very long time. Trudeau is known to be quite accepting of the Sikh community in Canada and has Sikh ministers in has cabinet.

What is surprising is the fact the Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister, who is known to extend a number of courtesies to visiting Heads of States has not even tweeted in his welcome. The World Sikh Organisation has went on to even say that India has trouble accepting criticism from minorities, in response to the alleged snub by the Modi government.

Though the government has claimed that they are extending all courtesies to the Canadian prime minister, but given the high profile natures of all the visits and the coverage depicting cordiality between Modi and the visiting heads of state, the current situation does seem quite odd.



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