Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day


An adage attesting to the need of time and hardwork for the creation of great things is, ” Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but they were laying bricks every hour. The title emphasises that we cannot do or expect important things to be done in a short period of time.

John Heywood, an english playwright is a renowned entity for his poems, plays and proverbs. One of the proverbs by Heywood that demands attention when it comes to building better better habits in particular is, ‘ Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Typically this phrase is used when it needs to remind someone of the time it takes to create something better.

That’s so true. Sometimes, it takes less time as little as a day or week while, at other time it may take an year or so to master a skill or be an expert at something  or achieve a target. Its right that the city was not built in a day but yes, the were readily laying bricks every hour. The citizens never stopped their hardwork and after a long term hard work, the city was a creation which is known world wide.

The system of work is greater than the goal. How you work to accomplish yout target counts more than your target itself. To turn your goals into a living reality, you need to mend your habits and actions instead of worrying about the outcomes. A mother’s hardwork takes years to help her child be a successful man, even the advancements of technologies and thoughts and ways to live have been a result of years of hardwork and dedication.

Its not just humans who work hard to get their needs fulfilled, there exists many living beings who work constantly to get their needs fulfilled. It may a one as small as an ant or one as strong as a lion.

Everyone has to complete his share of struggle to do or achieve something. Turning back the pages of history makes is realise how much those great personalities sufferred and worked endlessly to get the designation they stand on.



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