Your Ministry Of Happiness


We humans, ever since our existence have always wanted to attain a happy life, and have always had a desire to reach the even beter standard of living devoid of any pain and obstacles but, what we have always skipped to take notice is a fact that the life is never an agreement saga of bed full of roses forever. Sometimes we are bound to deal with its thorns too and we have except those equally whole heartedly. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

I have always loved watching comic show and the one that inspires me the most and teaches me one of the utmost significant lessons of life is Mr.Bean. If you are someone craving to take life changing lessons would definitely get a few worthy ones by The Mr. Bean. The one that i learned was, “enjoy your own company instead of expecting someone else to make your life happy.” Today, with so swiftly a world moving and developing, its hard to give oneself a time for own, far about talking to give the same to others to make their life happy and peaceful.

When thinking or even fantacising a happy life, what most of us in general think about is the thing that we have craved, wanted and longed to own. We believe if we get something that we have always wanted, we’d be happy forever. But the reality just isn’t so. We as a person are a little too much greedy to make the aforedsaid fact true. Attaining one thing makes us crave for a thing even bigger, better and hard to reach thus, we ain’t satisfied as easily as we think we would.

We have a ministry for almost every other thing that makes the standard of living more excelling and satisfactory but, missing out one of the most prominent one, “The Ministry of Happiness.” Their are a very few places that have this kind of moral boasting ministry. And now that we don’t have any such department, we need to develop our own guide of fundamentals,formula and view points that could help us lead a peaceful happy life. The purpose of this should be to make way for a happier person and a happier society, make policies to create a good social and personal satisfaction in all terms.

We should ourselves create our own ministry of happiness. Some of the key basis that deserve a good place in this memoranda could be:

  • The future is always a thing unknown. We cannot keep worrying about the unknown, spoiling a beautiful present. We need to keep a flame of hope lit and believe in the best to come and live the present fully.
  • Past and future are just a mental construction that are needed to be removed from our bag of worries, letting us be happy in what is in the hands of time.
  • Happiness starts with you. We need to have the urge to be happy always despite the odd times in our stock. Have an extra scoop of icecream if you feel depressed.
  • True happiness is not about being happy always. Happiness is not a stable asset. You need to make it come in your share.
  • The two ways to happiness are hedonistic and endaimonic.
  • Growing from adversities can be good for us depending upon the way we respond to it.
  • Make everyday enjoyable and wonderful.
  • Don’t let your worries snatch your happiness.


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