Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

I fail to project or frame an affection of love
It’s beyond words to spell how much love you
I do not tell you often
What you mean to me.
I have a heart that’s an icebox
With a melting candle inside that only you see.
I argue at times……I shout……I do fight
But I love you beyond expressions with all my
Although you like Lucas Graham and I’m all ears
For Niall Horan,
Everyone looks up to a superhero
But you are my superwoman.
I might doodle on your nails
But you carry it with a pride.
You’ve taught me my choices matter
And take everything in my stride.
You’ve not just raised a daughter
You’ve raised a life well.
You have an immense importance
I hardly do tell.
For those two a.m. wake up sessions
And for the infinite things you do
I cannot promise success
But being a good human being is all that I owe to


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