#GurMeharRow- Why did she Flee ?

gurmehar kaur

A girl comes on Youtube and gives a video message saying that his father died for country in Kargil due to war and not by Pakistan and that she wants Indo-Pak Peace Great! At the age of mere 20 she had the guts and brain of a diplomat and maybe she studied Geo Politics and Foreign Relations really well. It was impactful as it started “DU Bachao” and “Right to Speech” marches by Left-Right wing student wings ABVP and AISA respectively in Ram Jas College of Delhi University which started trending on Social Media platform



.Later to other Media and ‘#GurMehar’ started spreading and then she became an icon just like Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU and people started suspecting this is JNU Part 2 and there comes the climax to this story ! A person trolls her to the extent of threatening her of ‘rape’ and then swiftly she is given permission but still she flees Delhi! Why?



She said next “Leave me alone” “All the wishes to the March, I said what I had to , I hope people will think twice ….” But why did she flee? Is she not brave ? She was supporting the march but was not in it so was it a political stunt and an attention seeking propaganda by this young clueless innocent lady ? #GurMeharRow keeps going with these questions yet to be answered.

Image Source-Hindustan Times

But one thing is for sure that she was not “Aware”and if she was then she should have stayed in Delhi like a soldier s daughter not to flee like a coward and disrespect the soul as really if she was afraid then why she must have deactivated her twitter but that did not happen so we need to think twice on Mehar Kaur s Row unlike her .




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