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Minions and their language:

What language do the Minions speak?    
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Minions are yellow, little creatures exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters. I see minions everywhere (in form of minion merchandise and goodies) after the release of the movie The Despicable Me. Found that these lovely little minions use their own language. Caught some words that were commonly used by native speakers of foreign countries. I kept on analyzing what and how the minion army, speaks up. Even though they were using broken sentences they made me understood everything by their gestures. But, what is that language? Is it a real one?

To answer that, you have to turn to the creators of the language. Directors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda say that ‘Minion-ese’ is not a real world language. They created Minionese by adding these two: funny sounds + words from different languages of the world.I caught words from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian languages.They mixed up all the words and blended it with tongue slips that appear to be special in a minion tone.

Minions chit-chat.
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minions chit chat

Minionese, can be considered a monster of a language, where all odd phrases are stitched together from here and there.Because of this, it sounds familiar to different people of the world. As the “Gelato” stands for ice-cream in Italian, when said by the Minions. I heard a minion offering thanks to another one by saying “terimakasih”, that is an Indonesian word for “Thank You”. “Para ti” is “for you” in Esperanto (itself a mish-mash of other languages), “para tu” when minions say it.

Wee Woo..!
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Wee Woo..!
New Update for minion fans:

“Despicable Me 3” is going to hit big screens on 30th June 2017.The teaser introduces Dru who is the glamorous and super-rich twin brother of the super-villain Gru.

Gru and Dru
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Gru and Dru

Through this research on minionese, I found that someone made an amazing minionese translator. Check out on this link below:


Common words:

Minion Language English Translation
Bello! Hello!
Poopaye! Goodbye!
Bank yu!  Thank you!
Me want banana!  I’m hungry!
Underwear  I swear
Bee Dorepeatedly Fire!
Tatata bala tu!  I hate you!
Baboi  Toy
Po ka  What
Bable  Apple
Gelato  Ice cream
Butt  Butt
Nah  One
Dul  Two
Sae  Three
Para tu  For you
Chasy  Chair
Kan pai  Cheers!
Pwede na  Can we start?
Luk at tu! Look at you!
Muak Muak Kiss
Ditto I’m sorry
Buttom Bottom
Stopa! Stop!


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