Great Barrier Reef in Danger Again


The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is one of the world’s most famous world heritage sites. This is also one of the largest marine ecosystems of the world. Although it is one of those things which are considered to be a treasure for the world and are protected as best as can be, this marvel of the earth have seen its bad days too.

According to the scientists, the Great Barrier Reef has almost died five times earlier due to various reasons. These periodic deaths have caused great harm to the marine ecosystem and the great number of lives that dwell in and around it. Now, in a very threatening record, the Great Barrier Reef is about to face the phase of its death for the 6th time and this has caused great alarm among the concerned masses and people who adore this Reef all around the world.

One of the main reasons for this supposed death is mass bleaching which is a result of the change in water /oceanic temperature which is again a consequence of the daily increasing global temperature. As recent as in 2016 and 2017, the Great Barrier Reef faced much distress caused by extreme oceanic temperature which led to the death of a major portion of its cools and robbed it from much of its dazzling color.

As per record, until the late 20th century the mass bleaching occurred every 27 years but in the recent times, it has been occurring as fast as every four year which provides the marine ecosystem with nearly no time to recover from the damages. Some scientists are of the opinion that although the Great Reef somehow survived and overcame the 5 prior deaths, it will not be able to do so a 6th time. If something about the increasing temperature is not done at the earliest that the most probably the Reef will see its last days sometime in the 2030s. “This would effectively sign the death certificate of one of the world’s largest living marine structures,” said Martin Rice, acting chief executive of the Climate Council, a publicly funded Australian research institute.

If we intend to save the Great Barrier Reef and many other natural resources /treasures like it than it is high time that we do something about the situation of the climate. The government, scientific minds, environment enthusiasts and the general public – all need to come together and develop a master plan to save the environment and hence the whole human race. It is high time because the more late we are, the worse the condition gets. So we need to do something at its earliest if we want the earth to survive.


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