Graphene, a better way to dye hairs


Jiaxing Huang, a material scientist at Northwestern University has found a new way of using Graphene. Graphene, a noble prize winning material created by the British scientist, is a layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene is highly conductive and 200 times stronger than steel in terms of strength.

But, researchers at the University of Illinois, U.S have found a way to use graphene as hair dye which is harmless and last up to 30 washes.

Normally, people use ammonia or organic amines to penetrate through the outer surface of hair called hair cuticle to allow the dye molecules to get inside. But, researchers used graphene sheets to make a dye which coats the hairs and can last up to numerous washes but won’t totally penetrate the hair.

As the graphene is conductive so that the hair dyed with it is less prone to those pesky fly, caused by static. Professor Huang’s team have currently only made dye in black and brown, but are hoping to develop other colours and even use the product to conduct electricity on the hair, integrating it with wearable electronics.

Speaking of the possibilities, he says: “We are only limited by our imagination“.


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