Is She Magic To Get Or Lucky To Have?!


Grand Mother, is never a word, when you find her beside 24×7, It’s just emotion of love and happiness ever through your moments.

Those decoration to olden days
Memories of her
The way she conveys
That expression on her face
Matured yet childish behaviour
She never shows her age pride
Why so her love is abundant?!
Is it so hard to get mad for her?!
She always patch up
Along with my craziness
With my naughtiness too at times!
This soft skinny lady,
Never ever allowed me to give up on myself
I just be myself all along her!
Why just she love me this big?!
She always say,
“You bring my days back!” with beautiful winks in her eyes
But, literally
She makes my world better
No, even better and best!

Just because she cares me
I feel that closeness to her?!
She never fails in giving the best advice,
She teaches through her experiences
Preach through her words
And those words
You know…they are magical!
More magnetised
Pull my heart harder and harder
Asking for again and again
Every time I exhaust
She shows me life is too small to rest
And insist my responsibilities
Make me discover my mistakes
And even allow me to accept it
When those stories of her
Beamed inside my ears
I wish I could have lived in your age
It’s just she makes me do so,
That expression on her words
The happy moments she shares
She has always lived golden days of her life!
Is she magic I got or lucky enough to be her pet?!
You carried me in your pity hands
Still, I love to be baby,
And stay in your lap forever
Sleep by your words, stories and “lullaby song”
I just fall for you every time
You climbed through packs of hurdles
But, Never seen you down

The word “Grand Mother”,
She always as “Grand” as she was all through her path…
She deserves more than this world, Heaven ever!

Indeed “Mother of mother!”


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