Graduation – Here I Come!


Change is the only constant in life. As school pass outs, their worried and anxious parents peregrinate in their minds from school life to university life. So, this transition seems a daunting task. We pursue graduation.

Graduation – Prepare yourself

We all want to complete our graduation through a specific college. So, we choose a particular college to complete our graduation. How we perceive college students’ vs a school lad highlights the stereotype of the former. Hence, It is likely to enter his adulthood and the latter to be a ‘child’. Well, this three-month gap has a lot to offer to the fresh school pass outs. Burdened with which career path will pave their road to success, ‘What am I really good at?’, struggling with the soaring high cut-offs of the reputed universities and choosing the right seat of learning, an 18-year-old is suddenly presumed to be doing ‘big things’.

Psychological Researches have suggested that this transition is one of the most emotionally challenging times of an individual. But, isn’t everyone going through the same phase? Does every child not have his own set of fears and inhibitions? Does every parent not get worked up thinking about their child’s future?

Everyone certainly does! And though, it may seem a bumpy ride and no picnic, it can be dealt with patience and perseverance. Let’s now delve into details and get ourselves reckoned with some problems that we might encounter and how can they be done away with.


Might seem an odd question, but all scholars have once looked in the mirror and questioned their abilities. It’s time you self-explore and assess yourself. Never compare yourself with your peers in matters of strengths and weaknesses because they rightly say that “If you judge a fish by its capabilities to climb a tree, it had looked like a fool its entire life”. Mold yourself in your best interests and refuse to conform to the stereotypes. Feeling ‘out of place’, lonely and depressed are certain general symptoms. Take to self-help books, consult psychologists from your school, and divulge your thoughts and fears to your parents.

College Ahead

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The hype about entering “College” is that it necessarily determines what you will outgrow into. What is your occupation likely to be? Where will you get settled? And much more such challenging questions! Students and Parents become phobic of choosing the right educational institution. Making the right set of choices on the basis of marks and ranks, on what are your interests; the student and parent duo get worked up. They are likely to have a conflict of interests; while the child may detest studying in an engineering college, the parents might enlighten with the boundless scope of the field.

One might not get into his/her dream institution. This heats up the family atmosphere and we may see the birth of rebels. So, make productive use of this transition phase, sit, talk for a while, make a list of pros and cons, evaluate and visit colleges, confer with the alumni, read online reviews from authorized websites and then drive your decisions to conclusions.

A Free Mindset


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‘I AM FREE’ – is the outcry! This newly encountered freedom may pose a threat and grain fears in the minds of the parents and it is everything that your child has ever been delirious for! Well, this descried privilege is to be handled with utmost care. The students tend to take to the abuse of drugs and alcohol because it is the bandwagon of the group.
With freedom, comes responsibilities and to excel the art of Time Management. Making effective use of your spare time can groom you into a better individual.
Sanya Mall, a recent school pass out says “I have heard so much about Ragging in colleges, that it creates a state of unrest in my mind. I am an introvert and there I will have no person to look up to.” Well, sweat beads line up the eyebrow when one hears



Image Source: Rather, Afraid of Ragging

Age-old custom in colleges of India and the world around, the first year undergraduates are made to do sheepish activities, made fun in public, asked to dress up oddly and basically things that hurt your self-esteem. But it should be a relief because now, ‘Ragging’ has metamorphosed into ‘Interaction’ and strict measures are undertaken if a senior year is found harassing his junior on any grounds. Anti-Ragging Cells make sure that no such activities are promoted and severely punish the undergraduates who indulge in them.

We have to juggle the weas and woes of life and understand that this juncture might create knots in threads of our relationships. But, we have to make up for the losses incurred, strengthen the family bonds, not get victimized to the customs of society, ingrain in the mind that “the buck stops here” and become the best version of you.

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