Govinda’s ‘Rangeela Raja’ Facing Problems for Release


Govinda is one of the most talented comic heroes of the Indian film industry. But with the passing years the number of films he has starred in have started decreasing. His most recent film to be released was ‘Fryday’ which didn’t get as grand a release as was expected even after good and positive reviews by the media.  We don’t know the actual reason behind it but according to Govinda, a lobby preventing his films from being released in a better and larger scale have been forming in Bollywood from the last 9 years. The result of such lobbying was Fryday getting a poor release and now another one of his film, Rangeela Raja is stuck in the mill too.

Rangeela Raja, a film starting Govinda along with actor Shakti Kapoor and actress Mishika Chaurasia. Pahlaj Nihalani, one of the most reputed producers if the industry is the producer of this film. But even after being associated with renowned names of the industry, this film is facing problems with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) prior to its release.

CBFC have refused to certify the film, which is necessary to release the movie in the thetares and demanded that 20 cuts being made in it. But according to the producer this is unnecessary as the film is made as a family movie. Holding a press conference regarding this whole issue on Saturday, the film unit expressed their unhappiness with the board and especially the current chairman of CBFC, Prasoon Joshi, who according to Mr. Nihalani is the root of all the trouble.

The producer have now moved to the Bombay High Court to seek justice against the decision of CBFC. The court is due to give its decision today. Going by the way things are moving, there are thin chances that the film will get released on the previously set date, ie, December 8.
When asked about if he still respects the CBFC board after all the trouble it had created for his film, the producer said, “if this is how the situation continues, no I don’t.”


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