Real Reasons Why BJP didn’t form the government in Karnataka


As soon as the results of the assembly elections in Karnataka was out on May 12th, 2018, the political scene of the state was enveloped in chaos and controversy. As per the outcome, BJP was the party with the highest number of seats with 104, followed by INC and JD(S) with 78 and 37 seats respectively.

The Governor of the state gave BJP a chance to prove its majority within 15 days, being the leading holder of seats and B S Yeddyurappa was appointed the Chief Minister of Karnataka. But this step taken by the governor was termed as undemocratic by people from different parts of the country. Not only that but Congress, raising their voice against this ‘injustice’ filed a case in the Supreme Court and demanded a democratic outcome. The requested for a special hearing from the court and was granted so. After intervention from the cour,t the time allotted to BJP to prove its majority was decreased and the new time limit was set until Saturday, the 19th of May.

Because of the decreased amount of time, BJP was unable to gather more support in its favour hence remaining a few seats short of being a majority party through collation. Due to this, the 2 – days old CM, of BS Yeddyurappa, declared his decision of resigning from his post with a very emotional speech even before facing the trust test or majority proving test on the assembly floor. From there he directly went to Raj Bhawan to submit his resignation to the Governor.

With the resignation of BS Yeddyurappa from his office, the BJP lost its shot at forming a government in Karnataka. It may be the party with the most number of seats in the assembly but not the party with the majority number of seats.

Following this, the  Congress and JD(S) have formed a post-poll collaboration and the governor have invited them to form the government. HD Kumaraswamy, MLA from Janta Dal (Secular) is to be the new Chief Minister of Karnataka. His oath-taking ceremony is to be held on 23rd May.

Many people have expressed their happiness towards this turning of tables. Rajnikant have said that this is actually a ‘victory of democracy’. Many others are one with his opinion.

After a long period of high – voltage drama, accusations, attacks and counter – attacks, the political scenario of Karnataka seems to have cooled down a bit. It will be interesting to observe what happens in the future political sphere of this state and what the new government, formed after much speculations and controversies bring with it.


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