Tech giant Google, which also owns Play Store,  the one stop destination app to download almost any app we want on our Android phones have taken a brave decision to remove 22 of its widely used and downloaded apps for security reasons. The authorities of Google took this decision after cyber security company Sophos,  which makes security apps found that these apps are being used for ad fraud by hackers and wrote a blog about it.

“From the user’s perspective, these apps drain their phone’s battery and may cause data overages as the apps are constantly running and communicating with servers in the background. Furthermore, the devices are fully controlled by the C2 server and can potentially install any malicious modules upon the instructions of the server,” warned the Sophos report. After investigating into the matter Sophos also found out that these apps are linked to Andr and Clickr-ad network.

This is the first time Google have taken such a big decision and removed 22 apps at one go from Play Store. But this step, taken keeping in mind the privacy and security of the millions of its users is something to be appreciated. Below is a list of all the apps that were removed.

  1. Sparkle FlashLight
  2. Snake Attack
  3. Math Solver
  4.  ShapeSorter
  5. Tak A Trip
  6. Magnifeye
  7.  Join Up
  8. Zombie Killer
  9. Space Rocket
  10.  Neon Pong
  11.  Just Flashlight
  12. Table Soccer
  13. Cliff Diver
  14. Box Stack
  15.  Jelly Slice
  16. AK Blackjack
  17. Color Tiles
  18. Animal Match
  19. Roulette Mania
  20. HexaFall
  21.  HexaBlocks
  22.  PairZap

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