Google Glass helps autistic kids with Social Interactions


This is a Superpower Glass System software which runs on Google Glass and Android smartphone to help autistic children with social interactions.

A new innovation being developed by scientists as per report it increases social skills, facial recognition as well as eye contact for children with autism between the ages of 3 and 17.

Google Glass with facial recognition software needs to be worn by children with autism. The device identifies natural emotions as they interact with others and notifies people of the expression with the help of emoticons on Glass’ display or audio. The smartphone app or processes sensor helps track faces, recognize actions and identify social cues.

The app named Holli listens to conversations and prompts the user with an appropriate reply. For instance, Holli will suggest responses, such as ‘Hey’, ‘Hello’ or ‘Afternoon’ if the user is greeted by a person who says ‘Welcome’.

The glasses has been in record what the children sees and sends data to the smartphone app. The app would then be prompting the child to engage with what he or she sees while recording the session data.

The program offers three modes which helps kids to learn and recognize emotion, free play, which is identifying the faces and reactions in an unstructured way where the kids identify the facial expression they sees.

Superpower Glass builds on more traditional autism therapy, which consists of using flash cards to practicing emotion. The introduction of technology providing more ways to practice finding and identifying facial expressions.

Even researchers uses Google Glass to help these kids with autism. Autism is a developmental disorder which hinders a person’s ability to communicate with others.

The prospect which uses tech to assist people with developmental and physical abilities is one such thing which is compelling and propose their own solutions over the years.

Currently Wall and his team is working on one such experiment with 74 children ages 6 to 12. The Google Glass therapy performs in future trials and is cleared for wide spread use with powerful learning aid for many children with autism.

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