Good visual effects, but sloppy plot: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow
  • Navneel Maji

The global warming has grown so worse that it has led to major climatic devastation, an Ice age over the entire Northern Hemisphere of America. Professor Hall, a climatologist, who predicted something like this would eventually happen, is trying his best to persuade the US higher officials with his plan of saving people from the possible destruction. In the next part, his father comes to the rescue of his trapped son and his friends, who are stuck in a deadly thick snowy place.

This is the type of movie which you’d want to like it, but couldn’t due to some reasons. The movie could never really create enough seriousness in the viewer about the whole matter. However, it has some good visuals of the melting polar caps, the thunderstorm destroying the building layer by layer, and a whole lot of snow. However overall it never really connects.

The movie is a good example showing the good movie isn’t about any one thing, but a lot of things contributing together. The script doesn’t respect the intelligence of the viewer; why does it have to be a happy ending- everyone died except the leading characters, and so it’s all good and hopeful, how silly! The movie would have been the lot better if it would have intended to show the viewers the importance of scientific warnings of climate, and the need for maintaining sustainable development — keeping our future in mind.

They could have added more sci-fi feel to it with more plausible incidents. Instead, it had to play hero and villain — We Vs the Climate, which only makes the movie more childish. And the tension that the movie develops and plays with throughout the movie is easily blown off at the end. The one thing worth praising is the acting of Ian Holm, whose screen-time in it though hardly much, but clearly stood out among the other leading characters. As for the rest of the story including other characters, needed a lot more originality. Hence, the movie could have been way…way better.


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