A Good Conscience Is A Soft Pillow


Most of us are great followers of thinking before bed, recalling and going through the events of the day. Amidst those thoughtful moments, some are brief while some are simply quite enduring. Aren’t they…? Yes they are. Make it a regular habit that before you are off to sleep make your bed, set the alarm for tomorrow, put your phone to charge and prepare yourself for the next day. Finally lie down on th bed to sleep and now just think.

Think about everything that you did today, good or bad, you’d be surprised to realise that the good deeds of yours would be satisfactory while the bad ones would be bring nothing above uneasiness and restlessness. Good ones would take you to a world of sound sleep while in its opposite one your eyes would be open apart. Does it not matter to you…?? You may say that. But it does. Yes it does.

The days that are smooth, uneventful and peace giving would bring a satisfactory smile to your face. This peace and smile are resultant of a guilt free day. You’d feel light in your head and this world a better place to live because you will love not being hated by anyone. This is exactly what the titled proverb highlights here. A good, clear, innocent and above all humanish conscience has nothing to fear about and is thus, a best pillow to sleep over.

If a day is about any negative thing happened, you may or may not be the actual responsible authority to it. You’d still have the guilt to be the part of it or regret letting you be in any such situation. Infact if you witness someone torturing anyone and you fail to help him. Your mind will be beyond the boundary of sleep and your conscience will taunt to for that.

Now that you are preached to be the follower of the truth and do good to others since childhood and your upbringing teaches you to follow your conscience in whatever you do. You need to bring those learning into an action today. This would give you not just a peaceful, sound sleep but also a lifetime happimess and respect from other.

The best court for justification in life is not the supreme or the high cournt. It is also not the one common fpr the international crimes. It is your own conscience. Others may fail to see your mistake but you can do nothing to lie to yourself. You can also not hide anything from your own conscience. So, always make sure that you don’t do anything that you would have tp regret later.

Be a good person and let yourself and your fellow citizens, friends and relatives live happily and peacefully. Also don’t forget to do good to any good to any living organism including plants and animals. Live and let live.


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