Golden Girl Hima Das Brings Home a Historical Gold


While most of our countrymen were enjoying the sweet hours of morning sleep, one Indian girl, Hima Das of just 18 years, out there in the world in Finland was getting ready to earn yet another historical feat for the country. Recording her name in the pages of sport’s history forever, Hima Das on Friday, the 13th of July achievements something which no other athlete if track event in India has succeeded in achieving. Hima on this day won a gold medal 400 m track event in the IAAF U-20 World Athletics Championships, held in Tampere, Finland, clocking an astonishing 51. 46 seconds to finish on top.

Hima Das, daughter of a farmer and the youngest among five siblings hails from a small village called of Dhing, a place located in the district of Nagaon, Assam. She has always been interested in sports but cherished a dream of playing football for the country. Her shift to track and field came after a teacher of Navodaya Vidyalaya, where she studied noticed her speed with the ball and advised her to take up running.

Das’s exposure to running is very recent. Her first National and international victory is as recent as in 2017. She started her career in track with 100 m and 200 m events but then shifted to 400 m. With the experience of a very limited time under her belt, her achievements of yesterday are indeed commendable, and that too when she is only 18 years old and this was her first major international event in the senior category. She was also the youngest participant in yesterday’s event.

The whole country is proud of her and in her home state, Assam, people eagerly await her return, which will come much later in August, after her Asian Games stint. Her dedication to her sport is reflected by her choice of going directly for training for the Asian Games rather than coming back to India where she is hailed as a hero right now. She wants to come back with an achievement even larger. All cheers to her! According to her, she competes not with other people but with herself. She only wants to better her own timing and if a medal comes with it than it is an added and welcome bonus.

She is indeed a very confident girl and strives very hard to better herself. I being a girl from Assam, was watching the local news yesterday and one bit if news about her amazed me. While talking to an Assamese news reporter just a few hours before she began her run of fame, she said that she was confident about winning a medal for the country as her timing was the best of the lot. Her confidence in herself really amazes me.

The whole country, especially the sports world, is buzzing with celebration because of her. She has received congratulatory notes from all including the President, Prime Minister, different sports personnel from different fields etc. PT Usha, a name unforgettable in track events of India have talked about her talent too and said that she has a very bright future ahead of her if she continues with the same dedication.

We all wish this simple village girl who took on the world with amazing speed and came out with bright shining colours a hearty congratulations too and await many more golds to be bagged by her. We wish her a bright future and all the best for it!!



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