Are We Going Back To The Age Of The Barbarians?


With every day that passes, the human civilization is moving forward and achieving new heights of advancement. But with every sun that rises are we really improving or are we going back old ways of our ancestors? Are we developing or are we deteriorating? Are we becoming advanced human beings or are we reaching back to the ways of the Barbarians?

We often consider ourselves, the human race with very high esteem, as the most advanced of all species, but then, one such incident comes to our notice that shakes the very root of our belief and we are forced to rethink and reconsider all the taken for granted notions.

The believers of Hinduism say that we live in the ‘kaliyug’, the age in which the civilization will face its ultimate destruction. And the incident which I am about to discuss forces me to believe that perhaps it is true. Kolkata is a major and happening city in West Bengal, India. Kolkata police today, working on a tip, unearthed a rather heartless case of embezzlement. The said incident dates back to three years ago with the death of a pensioner named Beena Mazumdar. According to the statements of the neighbours, the lady died three years ago in a private hospital but no one knew what happened to her body.

What actually happened will force us to question humanity and whether it still exists in the world or not! After her death, the body of Mrs Mazumdar was prepared by his son in the deep freezer using chemicals until it was recovered earlier. But this was not done out of parental love and affection but rather out of a very selfish motive which makes me feel ashamed to call Subhabrata Mazumdar, the son, a human being.

*Incident happened on 5th April 2018*

The mother was a pensioner. The son was unemployed for quite some time. So when she died he conspired to preserve her body so that he could draw out her pension using her thumb impression monthly. The son confessed to this horrible act and also confessed to having read a number of scientific books and journals on preserving dead bodies for fulfilling his cruel plan.

Kolkata police recovered the well-preserved body from the Mazumdar’s home located in the city’s Bahela area. Apparently the husband, octogenarian Gopal Chandra Majumdar, who is also a pensioner, also had full knowledge of the happenings was in the plan with the son. They both have been withdrawing Beena’s pension every month for the last three years without any fail. On being questioned he told the police that he supported his son because he promised to bring Beena to life again.

“The body of the woman was found cut open from her chest till the abdomen with the internal organs removed. It seems the body was embalmed and then kept in the freezer,” the officer told PTI. Both father and son are now in custody for further questioning.


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