“All that glitters is not gold-
Often you have heard that told.”

…a short excerpt from the poem titled-‘all that glitters is not gold’ is written to account that all the things in this world may not necessarily be just as they look. The proverb, ‘all that glitters is not gold’ is rightly proved in many cases. Today, a few things often appear quite appealing to the eyes but, are not always equally good for us. The real value of a thing does not lie in its appearance. At times, the appearances are deceptive. A person may belong to a very aristocratic background, may wear a fine dress, his appearance may be beautiful too, but from within, maybe a black sheep. While, the other person may not belong to a good background, may not have good clothes to wear, even his appearance may be too ugly to look at, but he may be a master of real qualities at head and heart.

Appearances are often astucious. Certain things may superficially appear attractive but, when examined closely, turn out to be disappointing. We cannot judge the quality of a thing by seeing the external beauty possessed by it because every shining metal can never be gold. Very often, things are not exactly what they seem to be. We, human beings are very stereotypical thus, forming opinion bout objects on the superficial basis of an impression. We should avoid this and always try to look for the true nature of things. We should try to find out the reality behind the glittering semblance.

A book with a beautiful cover has no guarantee of its being interesting. A wise-knowledgeable man never accepts a thing at face value. His trained eyes have the experience to look beyond the frivolous appearance of an object. Unlike gold, many things are made up of inferior metals, and to hide their flaws, they are given a shine. This may attract a person loving beautiful object to look at but, with an exterior shine of gold, it can never be the gold. Just as all people wearing saffron clothes cannot be saints, a foolish man pretending to be wise cannot be wise and not all are saints that go to church.

A pretend to be noble, hiding his defects. Wearing a gown cannot change an idiot into a lawyer. One often gets tempted towards external beauty. Even a wise may fall prey to such temptations. The most innocent masks may hide behind them the most cunning faces of cheats. Quality of a thing is not decided on the basis of its outer structure. The best diamond is always found in the darkest mines, and the beautiful lotus always blooms in the mud. Similarly, a person with dirty clothes and ugly features is not compulsorily bad from the heart too. Everyone is chasing out the external beauty, the materialistic possessions and a lavish life, instead of improving and enhancing the inner beauty.

To judge someone by his/her outer look is an act of a fool that needs to have abstained. We have all been blessed with distinguished outer and inner beauty by the almighty. No one has the right to judge us according to it. Different people have different qualities, some are good at learning, some of writing skills, some are adorned with beauty looks while some owe the beauty of the heart. A person should always be judged by his nature and character, his qualities and his talents, not by his outer beauty. If we always go by the outer looks and personality and not worry to check out the inner excellence, we may be proved a fool amidst a crowd. Simple living and high thinking is always the best policy to lead a better life.


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