What a girl deserve?!


We live in a world, where once Goddesses were worshipped. Indeed, she is a girl. And also, we live in the world, where Girls and women where not allowed to educate themselves, even they had no rights to expect their self-respect and dignity. Of course, now, we live in the world, where you can see a coin model. One side, women are educated and they shout feminism so on. But, on another side?! Women, oh no, small girls, even babies are raped and pushed into something they never want to, which they don’t deserve in any way. That darkness. Does a baby even now, this is dark?!

I have heard a proverb, “Being Girl child is blessings. Seriously, I think these words had just gone words alone. No more practical and theoretical meaning. And here come other, “A daughter is equal to 10 sons. Yes, I know they are better than 10 sons and they are an amalgam of 10 Men. But do you know what basis this quotation was written?! The cost of growing, educating and making 10 sons settle is equal to that of the single daughter. Here, Is girl is portraited as a human or something they took for lease. 

What does a normal girl deserve?! The world says, “Education, career(only few) and a husband.” But do anyone ask what her dream could be?!Do anyone think that she has a heart, and she has sense to dream for herself? No, None does. Only few! I don’t blame anybody. Humans are maturing in such way. I believe today’s youngsters(Not All) are learning to give girls and women which they deserve to bear. Does anyone think that she has a heart, and she has sense to dream for herself? 

“Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India”, Wikipedia says. Once India is a place that is sculptured and made countries to get jealous of its peace and unity. But, now?! Literally, we don’t alone degrade our women citizens, but also the integrity of our country. Every day, you can record NIRBHAYA AND ASIFA, I don’t think an average number of records can be defined per day. Everywhere, where ever a girl goes, she is criticized for her dressings, character and even her physical movement. But let me say, If men do shit, and women do the same shit, don’t call it feminism or with any other phrase. Shit is always a shit. 

You can’t blame women for all crimes and horrible behaviors. Men do play 95% part. To all parents and to-be-parentsteach your child the mannerism of a gentleman. Teach your child; everyone has their own wishes and love that will reach on time. Teach your child every detail of a girl who suffers every 3-5 days per month. Teach your child love cannot be achieved overpressure. Teach your child to control his own hormones and it’s pleasure. Teach your child, “Giving birth to girl baby and growing her is Art of love and courage. Every parent should teach their son, women are as same men who came to this world to attain her own dream and desire. 

Women can be “Strong but not rude. Women can “Fight mentally, but not physically. Women can be “Loved but shouldn’t be taken. Women can “Banner feminism, but not arrogance.” Women can “Enjoy every right, but not in forced relationship.” Women can “Enjoy every right, but not in forced relationship. Yeswomen are designed to be soft like flower and Active as fire. She wasn’t created to learn all stunts and tricks to protect her from strangers, but today she is moulded in such way by this crucial world.  She is not only ruler of a home, she can also be queen of world. Women, Girls are indeed, “Beautifully couraged creature.


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