Genetic Mutation: Is it Real or just an Imagination!

Genetic Mutation

In comics, we have studied about mutants and their powers that they can control anything. But are they really real or it is just an imagination of comic makers? Genetically in our body mutations occur and this is the process of evolution. But do Genetic Mutation or Mutants really exist?


In biology and especially genetics, a mutant is an organism or a new genetic character arising or resulting from an instance of mutations, which is an alteration of the DNA sequence of a gene or chromosome of an organism. The natural occurrence of genetic mutations is integral to the process of evolution. The study of mutants is an integral part of biology; by understanding the effect that a mutation in a gene has, it is possible to establish the normal function of that gene.Mutants should not be confused with organisms born with developmental abnormalities, which are caused by errors during morphogenesis. In a developmental abnormality, the DNA of the organism is unchanged and the abnormality cannot be passed on to progeny.

Do Mutants really Exists?
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Mutations relation with Environmental changes

Beneficial mutations can increase the odds that a species will prevail within that environment, allowing it to survive a long time and increase its fitness. This applies to truly realistic environments, which are ephemeral. They are dynamic and constitute a multitude different aspects especially as seasons change. This means for a species to exist within this ecosystem, they must be able to adapt to whatever environmental cues. This gives rise to some species having special advantages over others.

Genetic Mutation

Causes of Gene Mutation
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Genetic mutations changing the effects of specific proteins can cause conditions that can be life-threatening to organisms. For example, genetic mutations can be so acute that they could prevent an embryo from surviving until birth. These effects can occur throughout any stage of an organism’s embryonic development. These types of modifications do not occur because of a specific gene, but due to a specific mutation in that gene. So mutations are biologically possible which give rise to mutants but they do not have such powers that we got to know in comics. But mutations has various effects on an individual as discussed. Mutants which we know from comics are just an imagination of comic makers.

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