Gender Neutral Toilets To Be A Reality


In an extremely progressive step in Noida, situated in Haryana, which many considered to be one of the most regressive states in India, gender neutral toilets are soon to be installed. On occasion of women’s day, a private institution in Noida has planned to install restrooms which can be used by people who identify with any gender and can also be used be the differently abled.

This step is extremely progressive since restrooms have always been a battleground for transgender people. Even in nations like the United States of America, restrooms for transgenders remains a huge controversy, where a few states had passed a law where people had to use the restroom according to the sex that is listed on their certificate of birth.

This step was deemed extremely regressive and wrong. Transgender people face a lot of harassment when it comes to using the restrooms. There have been multiple cases of transgenders being forced to use restrooms meant for the disabled or not allowed to use one at all. They face multiple incidences of harassment in almost every walk of life.

Even though most transgender people use restrooms that correspond to their gender identity, they face a lot of harassment such as name calling and in some cases, they may also face physical violence. Transgender people, even though they are not quite different from us, are treated as outsiders by the society. They are shamed and harassed for something very normal.

We, as a society, should be more sensitive towards the transgender society. Young students should be made aware of the problems faced by the transgender community and should be taught to respect everyone, irrespective of their gender identity or sexuality. We need to accept that some people may not identify with the whole gender binary and that’s completely okay. This step will definitely make the society a more inclusive place for the transgenders.


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