Gender Equality


“A gender equality society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”

There has always been a great debate when equality for male and female is talked about. An irrational assumption of girls being less capable than boys grabs the mind of many. This assumption lacks any coherent base and is built strongly upon the obsolete views of deranged sight holders. We live in the era where the females are not short of any potential. There is not seen any field where outclassing the males has been a difficult task for them.

Stereotypically, women are known as the ones to stay home and cook and clean while the men are considered to be at their jobs earning money. However, gender roles in society are constantly changing. A man is said to be the one who takes up the most burden. But, taking a look at a more nuanced picture, we will certainly see its opposite. Often it’s the female counterpart who bears up the major workload. With equal potentials, equal workload, equal capabilities, there is never seen equality between the two. It’s always the male who gets more privileges, more freedom, more rights and everything more. Though the males and females have certain different roles to perform this does not mean different rights. Just a change in gender cannot define one’s privileges.


We can see a polarity in genders across various major areas. Education is one of them. It seems horrible to think that educational qualification too is more favourably provided to males. Today also certain of the female population face a “No trespassing sign” in front of schools depriving girls of education. Still, 62 million girls all over the world are denied access to education. This clearly shows the disastrous state of inequality that girls and women of the world are facing.

Gender Equality
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Same work, same efficiency but differentiated stipend. Same job, same capabilities but different preferences. Women working full-time jobs still earn only 77% of what Men earns. These are few of the many examples of the extent of gender biasness prevailing in us. It has been a saying “behind every successful man stands a woman”. But, this pleasing short sentence ends without acknowledging the sacrifices, endless support of the woman. If the woman is behind the success then why is she ignored? The successful guy goes ahead enjoying every right, privileges with a bunch of opportunities in hand. But, it’s the woman who is left behind deprived of all of it.


We do not realize but we live in a gender stereotype. From an earlier age, we are conditioned that boys will wear blue while the girls would wear pink. Along with it, playing with Barbie dolls seems to be concerned with girls while cars as toys have been associated with boys. Through these means, we inculcate a sense of gender difference in our children at a very early age of their life.

Gender Stereotypes
Image Source: Gender Stereotypes

Domestic violence, molestation, assault or be it any other humiliating crime. It is always the women or girls who have to undergo through them the most. The inequality just does not end here. The worst form of crime – Human trafficking too affects the female the most. From every 5 victims that face human trafficking, 4 turns out to be girls or women. This clearly showcases the plight of our world’s women, the dignity they hold and the conditions they face.


There is an urgent need of abridging the gap between the males and females. Gender inequality is not only the problem of females, it is the problem of all. Everyone deserves an equal position, equal rights, and equal opportunities. Simply hurling Facebook with posts and twitter with tweets wishing “Happy Women’s day” makes me wonder what and why we are actually celebrating. We recognize a whole day for women and status of same women is worth appreciating. For many, achieving gender equality might not be an important goal. But one should know that achieving gender equality is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. Gender equality is not just a goal. It’s a responsibility, responsibility of all.

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