Robin S. Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title said, “We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.”
Our past is something that will remain unchanged forever and we would end up getting no good being tangled in the days already passed. Future holds a new mystery every day, to be unlocked and solved for the betterment of the social animals, humans. The longer dwelling in the past allows our past to dominate us and takes the brightness of our future away. We may not be a prisoner physically, living behind the bars but, living a life by avoiding the present and being trapped in the past is nothing more than a prison.

Such a life is very much alike the one lead in the haunting ghost bungalow that our grannies would talk about in the fairy tales she would narrate us. We need to write about the bad happenings of our past on the sand, which could be erased and removed easily. While on the other hand, engrave our best days on the marble that could never be removed. However, most of us do just the opposite; thus, letting our painful past remain imperishable in our memories forever.
We don’t drop our failures, mistakes, disappointments, hurts and pains behind and move around with them shackled to move forward towards a happy life. If we wish to live thoroughly in the present and plan a good future, we need to take all the positive lessons from our past, and let the bad memories go away. We need to release the past; stand firmly in the present and step confidently in the future.

Yesterday is gone. We have nothing in hand that could bring it back. But we always have everything in hand capable of making our upcoming days the better ones to think about. We have all read the quote, “Turn the page, a boring page does not always mean that the book is equally boring.” It’s just a matter of our point of view to look at the things.
Many a times, we go through tough situations. We look at our past and at our behavior we owed then, and judge ourselves by it. We blame our past for all the unlike happenings. We, instead of moving on let our past define us, our present and our future as well, rather than taking precious lessons from it that would help us grow. We let our past hold us.

Be it good or bad, the memories should never be the reason of our failure. They always need to be the building blocks of our future, helping us always transform the succeeding ones into the better ones. Leaving back the past helps us creative a better future. It makes us the real architect of our future. It allows us to acknowledge the purpose of our existence on the earth and lets us look for a path to reach that very purpose.


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