Friends for Life – They are Actually Life!


Friendship can never be explained and impossible to detach. They are more like more balloon to us, irrespective of ages it gives intense happiness and love. They bring out that child within us. Where do these people enter in our life? Why do these people enter in our path?! Does anyone have answers? No,- because these folks play with our emotions and something more than that. 

Everyone has at least one unforgettable friend at every stage if their life travels. Some stay some move. Some pour heavy love, some split out words. At times it overwhelms us, sometimes it hurts deeptearing our heart deep. Being with them gives us. We never portrait ourselves to be good always. We are ourselves like you don’t have to limit yourself and your thoughts. 

Even a couple need to be best buddies to each other, that pushes you to sustain their relationship. Friendship is based in relation to every other connection in our life. Every bonding has at least 10% of friendly emotions between them. Some can be between two peoplesome among three and some is more than that. Being with them can never be optional, it is the necessity of being happy and love. 

Friends can never be replaced with any other relationship and bond. Other bonds like siblingscousins can be called friends. Friends are family. Even, they are more than that. They are one who hugs your tears and loves your happiness. They drive you when you‘re harder to push yourself forward. This day, just remember people around the world; I am not alone. I have people around me like a mirror and shadow who never allow me to do crazy things alone. The one who excite us with those funny comments, rare emotions and of course hidden love. 

Friends for life are actually life!


THE SOCIAL RUSH WISHES IT’S VIEWERS A #HappyFriendshipDay2K18 …May Everyone’s Friendship grows stronger, more understandable, enjoyable, honest, helpful and above all friendly! 😀


P.S – IF Nobody Is Your Friend Then Make Just One !  😛



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