Forget Skinny Be a Fit BADASS


It’s for all those ladies out there who have a healthy amount of fat cells in their body. Whether you may be a school or college going girl or a 9-5 working corporate lady or may be home maker, despite of your age you have the full right to look as glamorous as any other female you admire down the street or on television.
There was an ugly trend in Bollywood when being skinny was at the top, many females had attempted to be like them. They dieted heavily, they left their favorite stuff etc. Even some B-town females’ complaint of that skinny era. Most of these women trying to be skinny had caused much trouble to their bodies like this one…

But, ladies please concentrate the world has finally got some serious changes …
It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the Strength & Beauty of which her body is capable of. Be an athlete for whole life. Athletes eat and train they don’t Diet!
>>Get Sleep >>Eat Clean >>Drink Water >>Exercise >> [Repeat]

Get out from that couch, surf the internet there are loads and loads of athletes / training websites ready to help you make out your own personalized workout plan both free and paid. Get high on protein. Yes, it would pain in beginning, but isn’t it true that pain is the basis for our living on this planet? Sore today shall reveal a stronger you tomorrow.
“Make sweat your best accessory and run harder than your mascara. Remember, no one ever got drowned in sweat, Sweat is just fat crying”

Challenge yourself and train harder by each week, follow a schedule promise to your inner self that you can achieve it. Don’t worry what if you lift weights and gain extra muscle, no follow a specifically personalized plan you are not taking heavy protein shakes as the other guys at gym do so, you won’t get those biceps etc. Only weak men fear strong women, get up your ass, do those squats and in few months you would see how not only your body got transformed but your complete personality shall be stronger and more confident than the day you started.
Fitness is a lifestyle !



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