You have to Follow these Makeup Artists if you are a Makeup Lover!


Some of us are totally into makeup and it is really aesthetical to see them do it as an airy brushed form. If you are into this art too, you have to follow these international makeup artists who have proven themselves to be the pioneer in the field. Have a look!

1. Jeffree Star

Majorly got a break through his self-released music album in MySpace, he is now on the top of the makeup world. Having around 4 million subscribers on YouTube and being an entrepreneur of his own makeup brand, Jeffree Starr cosmetics, he definitely has the power. His makeup skills are nonetheless the best among them and he also won the Shorty Awards for creating the best content on social media.

He has also become a social figure for LGBTQ+ community. His gender encompassing makeup has become more than just standing a makeup channel.

Here’s the link to his channel –

2. Nikkietutorials

Another self-indulged makeup lover who has become a major star in the makeup field, Nikkietutorials has rather made a very impressive journey. Having almost 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, you can easily follow her makeup tutorials to get her look. From creating her own looks to inspirational get the looks, Nikkie literally slays it all. She has also done her collaboration with Ofra Cosmetics.

Here’s the link to her channel

P.S have a look at her “Hits and oh God No’s” for knowing the latest must use makeup and beauty products.

3. Manny MUA

Already creating a revolutionary change in the stereotype, Manny is a boy beauty vlogger. Born in San Diego, California, he also runs a famous YouTube channel having a great fan following of 3 Million subscribers. His makeup looks are always extraordinary and he is amazing in his skills. He is also followed by 3.7 million followers over Instagram. Both him and Jeffree form a great ally together and if you follow them both, you will see them uploading various beauty videos and tutorials together.

Here’s the link to his channel –

4. Huda Beauty

Social media persona, having a fan following of around 20 million, she has a self-titled YouTube channel in which she posts her beauty videos. She also has a cosmetic business running by the name of Huda Beauty. Born in Oklahoma, her blog became the topmost followed blog in the Middle East. This woman knows the skills and you will be flattered in watching her makeup skills.

Here’s the link to her channel-

Have you followed any of them yet? Try giving an aesthetic touch to that makeup lover in you😊



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