Flying Drones, Flying Mankind!

  • Sudipt Agarwal

Technological advancement has been the deciding factor for development in the twenty-first century. The era of internet has brought about a transformation which has astonishingly changed the mindset of the people, especially, the upcoming generations which will determine the future of the world.

Youth today is focusing to develop new technologies while the elder people are adapting, gradually, to the changes they have witnessed in their lifetime. The population, across the globe, has realized that the use of technology is not a luxury but a necessity for sustaining in the modern era.

Recent news vindicated this fact which clearly signifies that the future is very bright. A new algorithm has been designed by which drones can fly without any manual assistance. The drone can fly through the streets of a city, the only requirement for doing the same is, it needs to learn the traffic rules and adapt training methods for cyclists and drivers.



Whenever one encounters any such news, faith in science is restored. One feels delighted, happy and excited at the same time, the reason is quite simple, one feels so because he feels privileged to belong to that human civilization which is taking a new giant step towards the betterment of humanity and its easy existence, each day, each moment.

It is very flabbergasting every day to see the newspapers filled with news of technological advancement which inspires each and every person who comes across any such attractive news to work hard in his or her respective field and thus, contribute in a profound manner to create a world which is not only grateful to a handful of people for their extraordinary work but also to every person whose contribution is valuable irrespective of stature, field of work etc. Looking at the current scenario, the so-called dream world is no more a mirage.

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