Finland named the happiest country in the world:


According to the latest edition of the World Happiness Report, Finland has been crowned the happiest country out of data available from 156 out of countries in the world. The report is annually produced and submitted by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Finland’s score was 7.62 out of 10.

The second, third and fourth positions were bagged by Norway, Denmark, and Iceland respectively.

UK and USA are placed under top 20 whereas India ranks 133rd.

The index of happiness is based on the following factors: income, life expectancy, freedom, education, social support, and trust.

Burundi, Central African Republic, and South Sudan are the least happy countries because of the political tensions and poverty prevailing there.

Finland and other Nordic countries like Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Switzerland have been able to make it to the top 10 every year because of the easily adaptable environment. These countries have been witnessing more increase in a number of immigrants annually. Finland has about 300,000 foreign nationals out of a population of 5.5 million people.

Finland was given the top position primarily because of the political rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and religious tolerance. Opinions and views are respected. There is also transparency in the functioning of the government.

Some of the migrants who have been living in Finland cite the friendly society to be one of the major reasons for the settlement there. Also, there is equality in gender and the living conditions are good. Though the GDP is less with the high amount of tax, the government functions efficiently without inflation in prices and ensures a healthy environment for its citizens. The wealth and resources they possess have been put to better use rather than wasting it. Finnish education system is considered best in the world. Students are ensured good ambiance and freedom to choose what career they want to pursue.  People are given prime importance and any issue concerning them will be taken seriously.










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