Find out how the ‘Ram Sutar’ smiling travels from Gandhi to ‘Statue of Unity’


Born in a poor carpenter family in the Dhulia district of Maharashtra on February 19, 1925, Ram Sutar was beginning to build sculptures from a very young age. During this time, he was particularly fond of crafting Mahatma Gandhi. In the days of school, he first crafted Gandhi with a smiling face.

His Guru Shriram Krishna Joshi recognized this blessing of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of art on his head and inspired him to get admitted to Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay (now Mumbai). Ram was at the forefront in this school and the size of his art also increased. There he was awarded the prestigious Mayo Gold Medal.

Our country full of artists is full of such handicrafts, who are capable of carving stones and making beautiful God, but Ram Wanji Sutar is a sculptor who has been blessed with the unique talents of God and the time for the creation of humans. Together the size of their idol crafts is increasingly growing. Recently, Gujarat’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s huge statue was unveiled on the banks of river Narmada. It is being called the world’s tallest statue. Its format has been created under the guidance of Ram Sutar.

He got special expertise in carving stones with stone and marble. However, in Bronze, he has constructed some very famous statues. The soft-spoken Ram Sutar of simple personality worked for the Archeology Department in the 1950s and worked hard to bring many statues of Ajanta and Ellora caves back into their original form.

In the last years of the decade, he joined the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for some time and then started sculpting idols independently. The journey ahead of Ram Sutar, who started with two statues at the main gate of the Krishi Mela, was full of achievements. Mastering the face and shape of idols, Ram Sutar carved the 45-foot-tall beautiful statue of Chambal Devi on the Gangasagar Dam and carved Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan states as two of his sons.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi made by him is one of his most famous artefacts and the Indian government has given a gift to many countries including Russia, Britain, Malaysia, France, Italy, Argentina, Barbados, for the formation of this statue under the Gandhi Centenary celebrations. A similar statue he made for the 1972 International Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan in Delhi, which has now become a permanent part of it. The 10-foot tall bronze statue of Govind Vallabh Pant at Patel Chowk in Delhi is also a testimony to his creative skill.

Nobody has seen God, and those who make God’s statues give them the most beautiful form. People who believe in God also believe in idols as God. Moulding a person in the exact stone or metal is more difficult than this because a slight change in Nayan map, dress, and nikh shikh can change the nature of the whole statue. There is no double opinion that this difficult art of making the stone a human being has been found in Sutar with his father and he is also the greatest seeker of Mother Saraswati at this age.


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